Standard services:

  • Pet care consultation to ensure the services your pet will receive is what you expect. We will evaluate the condition of your pet’s coat and to discuss the proper coat care and maintenance schedule for your individual pets need
  • Check for fleas and ticks
  • Brushing out before bath to remove debris and loose hair
  • Ear cleaning with medicated ear cleaner and ear plucking using ear powder to reduce discomfort
  • Nail clipping
  • Paw trimming
  • Bathing with fresh warm water – shampooing twice using quality shampoo, applying re-moisturizer or conditioner if needed
  • Drying using forced air and/or blow dryer depending on the pets coat and behavior (lowest setting for pups and shy pets). We hand fluff dry all of the pets we groom.
  • Clipping and scissoring according to breed standard or your preference/ desire

Additional services:

  • Medicated bath: $ 10
  • Tick removal: $ 5
  • De- skunking: $ 10 and up
  • Furminator shedless treatment: $ 10-25
  • Anal gland expression:$10


Start at $50 for short-haired breeds (bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and brushing)  and $70 for hair cut.
Prices are determined on the breed and its coat condition as well as behavior.
Tangled, matted or heavily undercoated pets will cost more.
Rolling Grooming reserves the right to deny service or to raise the price to those who do not disclose the true condition of their pet’s coat or temperament.
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