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How long does grooming take?

Most grooming take approximately one to two hours, depending on the breed of your pet, the condition of the coat and the pet's behavior.

Will you be the only one grooming my pet?

Yes. You will always get the same groomer. The owner and sole groomer of Rolling Grooming is the same person, it is not a franchise. You can discuss your concerns or trim style preferences directly with the groomer.

What does the grooming service include?

Brushing out, nail trimming, ear cleaning, body clipping, paw and sanitary cleaning, shampooing twice with quality shampoo, conditioning (if necessary), hand drying and scissoring for finish, cologne and/or bandana.

What days and hours do you work?

Rolling Grooming operates Monday through Friday, with the first appointment available at 9 a.m. and the last one at 3 p.m. Special appointments upon request.

Do you groom large dogs?

No, I only groom small or medium sized dogs. I groom them up to 40lbs. I do not groom artic breeds or heavily undercoated pets.

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