We are pleased to introduce you Rolling Grooming mobile pet grooming, based in Montgomery County, Maryland. We are not a pet grooming franchise, we are locally owned!

Mobile pet grooming is a personalized care for your loved ones. A mobile pet groomer comes to you, bringing the vehicle equipped to give your pet the same professional grooming offered in a shop. It offers convenience for you and less stress for your pet.

Mobile grooming appeals to all
sorts of owners:

  • Hard working pet owners
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • People who are homebound for medical reasons
  • Who’s pets don’t like the car ride
  • Great for elderly who don’t like to drive
  • Perfect for homes with multiple pets
  • Who wants the same groomer to take care of their pets

Mobile grooming offers convenient service at your home or office:

  • Saves delivery and pickup trips to the groomer
  • No exposure to other dogs, diseases and parasites
  • Sanitary environment
  • No separation anxiety
  • Personally hand dried, not cage dried
  • Eliminates car sickness
  • No cages or tranquilizers
  • One on one professional loving care
  • Smoke free environment
  • Less stress for both you and your pet
  • Same groomer

Rolling Grooming has a fully self contained custom built mobile salon which provide a superior environment for your pets well being and health.

The 21 feet long by 7 feet wide mobile unit has a generator that furnishes the electricity to the clippers, dryers, A\C. It also has a gas water heater and furnace. Warm and snug in the winter, cool and comfortable in the summer. There will be no power cords running from your outlet to increase your electric bills. Fresh water carried in our fresh water tank while dirty water stored in our grey water tank on board. The entire grooming session takes place inside of it.

The owner and sole groomer of Rolling Grooming is Emese Mahder. (Emesha)
In establishing Rolling Grooming she is striving to give pet owners an alternative - completely personalized service. Their pet receives undivided attention start to finish - she will not even answer phone calls during a groom.

Emese was born and raised in Hungary, Europe. She moved to the States in 2005.
She has always been an animal lover and volunteers for rescue groups.
She has a master’s degree in animal breeding science, faculty for hobby animal, also a European Union grooming degree.

She used to show and breed West highland white terriers and Persians.
After relocating to the US she has worked as a veterinary technician, as a kennel manager, as well as groomer in different grooming shops.

Emese decided that a carrier in mobile pet grooming was the way forward, something that would be rewarding and enjoyable. Sign Up Home